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Genre Documentary film
Timekeeping 0:50:32
Country RUSSIA

The documentary biographical film "Gabdrakhman" was created based on the diary of WWII participant Safin Gabrakhman. Gabdrakhman – from August 10, 1941, a conscript of the Soviet Army. After the end of military service, on August 19, 1942, during the first battle, Safin Gabdrakhman was captured.Only in March 1945, taking advantage of the panic of the retreating German troops, he escapes and joins the troops of the Soviet Army. In the autumn of 1946, Gabdrakhman returns home. On August 10, 1949, leaving his wife and son, he left for a probationary labor camp in Siberia for 20 years by decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. By the decision of the same Council, in 1955 he was granted amnesty and returned to his homeland after 6 years and 6 months.





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